Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week in Review

Because I can never think of a good blog topic, I will try to post more by telling a little bit of what has happened in our lives over the last week. So here goes - the week in:

TV - Friday Night Lights made me cry because it is the best show ever.
I have been watching Lost reruns - still no good reason as to why they killed off Libby. I get that she had a DUI in real life, but come on.
South Park - really, it was the Goth kids versus the kids who are dressing like vampires now that this Twilight movie is out. Everyone should still be watching this show.
And BOO to ABC for canceling Eli Stone. Although it clears up an hour a week for us.

Movies - We saw Role Models on Friday, and it made us laugh. It had the funny kid from the Tracy Morgan Show. Also, a new Watchmen trailer came out - seriously, when that movie finally comes out, I want to see it in a theater chock full of nerds. Like, the nerdiest Leroy Jenkins nerds ever.

Books - Recently I read 2 books - The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. The Road - easily one of the best 5 to 10 books I have ever read. Some things in that book absolutely broke my heart. Fantastic read, highly recommended.

Haunted - I remember when a book came out in the 90s called The Hot Zone. The first chapter of this book was a must read - it was gripping and scary and suspenseful to the point where I still read the chapter from time to time. With Haunted, the Saint Gut-Free chapter is its equal. When Chuck Palahniuk went on a book tour to promote Haunted, he read that chapter aloud, and people started fainting! He even added an epilogue for the paperback - apparently 73 people nationwide have fainted at his readings. Some even in Ann Arbor! I wish I could have been there. Point is, none of the women in my life should read that chapter, but all the guys, seriously, google it - it is online. I am not going to link to it because I know my mom reads this, and I don't want her to read it. Steph - remember, you can't tell Chip what it is about until he reads it.

As for my books now, I am reading 3 but can't figure out it I want to read any of them. Thank goodness for libraries.

Health - Carrie got sick, and I have a stye on my right eyelid.

Music - I read something on Pitchfork about how Nirvana wasn't really grunge, but was only associated with the movement since they came from Seattle in the early 90s and wore the right clothes. Carrie and I discussed - we disagree. But feel free to discuss.

Also, we have 2 stations that have moved exclusively to Christmas music. Let me just say - I enjoy Christmas music and all, but really it has become like Rock 103 in Memphis - get some new material already! And not so much of the Groban already!

This is my favorite song right now, but I don't know why.

Weather - it is already stupid cold here. Not as stupid as it will be in late January, but I already have dry skin and have turned on the heat in the apartment. It shouldn't be this cold in November. I am sad because the electric bill has been ridiculously low since we turned the air off, but now it will be high again.

Style - I decided to bring the Doc Martens back. My dress shoes have no traction, and it is already slippery here. Also a big thanks to Cullen and Gina for the Friends and Family coupon that helped Carrie get some new pants for school. Now she has a second pair!!

Sports - Michigan versus ohno state this weekend. I have been watching old games on ESPN classic and reliving the glory days. Of course, the glory days refer to ANY SEASON other than this one.

Also, Coach Rod has been under fire again this week. He said that the losers who post crap on message boards about individual Michigan players should "get a life". The media reported this as Rich Rod saying that all Michigan fans should get a life. Why do they hate him so bad? Wait - don't answer that. He left the poorest state in the nation to get one of the 5 most coveted jobs in coaching - how dare he!??! Then, some students started to leave the program - a third string DT, a WR who has played in one game, and then the great white hope, McGuffie. Well, McGuffie is just a rumor, but apparently the rumor is that he is clinically depressed, and really I just hope the best for him, whatever he decides. (Apparently he is playing on Saturday.) But if he wants to come over and hang out and play Madden, I am more than willing - Carrie goes to bed early, I get bored. Just please don't leave!

Memphis basketball signed a top 5 prospect for next year, and is in the running for a couple more, so that is good.

In other news, 10-0.

Overheard in the classroom
This wasn't this week, but it is one of my favorite Mrs. Miller stories yet. One kid said this to her (for fun, he pronounces his "r"s like "w"s):
"Mrs. Miller, you're a heartbreaker. Hey Mrs. Miller, what's a 'heartbreaker'?"

Food and wine: The current state of the Millfill economy has put a break on a lot of our eating and drinking habits. However, it has made me remember how much I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

As for the WS Top 100 list - anyone else getting tired of the same wines every year? Yes, the Clos Apalta is good, apparently it is number 1 this time. The Don Melchor is always top 10, but it was 12 this year. We have a vertical of this one since 1999, only missing the 2000. We don't have the 2005 yet though. Our favorite winery, Chateau Pontet-Canet hit #7 this year though! Very exciting - we don't have this one either. Then again, the 2005 Bordeaux from anywhere is overpriced now. Seghesio Zin hit the top 10, and as a result it is gone from every store in Ann Arbor, except for the Liquor Lotto Deli by our place.

#34 is another favorite of ours in a vintage we haven't tried - we love the Condado de Haza.
#40 - Kim Crawford 2008 - we actually thought this was a little off this time, a little more earthy with some notes of jalapeƱo. Good, but we found it for $12 - at $18, it isn't worth it.
#44, the Leasingham - we have had this wine, maybe not this vintage, and it is worth the $12 for sure.
#52 - the LAN - we have this on the rack, and I think we got the 2003 for Steph and Chip last year.
Then, the St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 2007 made the list, and this is another quality Riesling, but for fun you guys should branch off from German Rieslings and try some Alsace Rieslings.
#72 - Speaking of - an Alscace! Our favorite! Buy this one if you see it. We will! You know, when things are better.
#77 Duval Leroy - you can never go wrong with this Champagne.

I think those are the ones I am familiar with off the top of my head. If you can afford any of these, I say go for it. If you have any questions, let me know - I don't post about wine enough.

The most "Ann Arbor" thing I saw this week:
At Meijer, I parked next to a Prius with the license plate "MYBRID". Better yet, the M was from having University of Michigan plates.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bon Hiver!

Oh the snow, the beautiful snow, filling the sky and earth below. Over the house tops and over the streets, over the heads of people you meet. Dancing flirting skimming along... Oh the snow, the beautiful snow, how the flakes gather and laugh as they go. Whirling about in their maddening fun, it plays in its glee with everyone. Chasing, laughing, hurrying by, it lights on the face and sparkles the eye. And even the dogs with a bark and a bound snap at the crystals that eddy around. The town is alive and its heart in a glow to welcome the coming of beautiful snow. -John Whitaker Watson

OK, so it was just a flurry, but any chance I can take to quote Chris in the Morning!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tonight, Carrie and I were celebrating the historic election, calling everyone we know to express our excitement, whether they wanted to hear it or not. I was speaking to my sister, who recommended that we go downtown Ann Arbor to see if anything was going on. After I hung up, I asked Carrie if she wanted to go, and she said "OK".

We knew that there was an election party at Cafe Felix, so we figured we would check out Main Street first, before going closer to campus. But as we got to the main strip, there was nothing going on. The streets were dead, but there were some people out at the bars of course.

We turned down Washington and headed towards State Street. Still pretty quiet. We had our windows down, and finally we got a scream from a couple walking down the street, so we hollered back - someone was finally happy! Then, we hit State Street, right in front of BWs, then turned right. Suddenly, you could just hear this huge roar. So help me, we looked and saw just hundreds of people walking north on State from campus, turning west onto Liberty. There it was! The celebration! Carrie says, "we should get out!" Of course, right next to us was the available parking spot we needed!! We parked, got out, and joined in the march down Liberty Street, all the while calling everyone we know so that they could hear the cheers.

If I have to name 10 of the most memorable moments of my life when I am on my deathbed, I don't know if there will be enough to knock this one off the list. We all marched down Liberty all the way to Main Street. And I mean the streets and sidewalks were packed full the whole way - there had to be a thousand people, mostly students, just marching, and hooting and hollering - "O-bam-a", "U-S-A", or even "Go Blue"! Random bouts of cheering and applauding, as we walked in the middle of traffic regardless of the color of the traffic lights. Cars driving by and honking and high fiving out of the windows of their cars. Me, trying to take pictures with my camera phone. The cops driving by and telling us all to get out of the middle of the street.

So many things I will remember - people coming out on their balconies to cheer and watch and take pictures, people coming out of bars to cheer, people taking videos, some kids playing a drum and an accordion in a doorway on the parade route, random cowbells. We made the right turn onto Main Street - there was the party at Cafe Felix! People in the lofts on Main Street had their windows open and were waving giant American flags. People just smiling and applauding and cheering and loving the absolute spontaneity of the moment.

We turned onto Washington from Main Street (the second time that night for us, only this time on foot). However, I had to stop - we were somewhere in the middle of the pack, and I wanted to stand off to the side just to see how long the parade really was. I pulled Carrie over at the corner, and we looked. We were standing next to an older couple, maybe 50-ish. I looked over at her - the woman was crying at the wonder and the happiness of the situation. I love the Ann Arborites! She was basically expressing what we were all feeling.

The walk down Washington was more of the same - cheering, people in the bars coming out to high five us, cars honking and cheering. People banging pots and pans along the sidelines. One woman walking in the opposite direction, stopping one of the girls in front of us and asking what was going on, only to be told "I don't know - this just kind of happened!" Then, maybe my favorite moment of the night - 2 African American students meeting in the middle of the street and giving each other an extended bear hug, one that expressed the emotions inherent in the moment, emotions that I will never be fully capable of understanding. That hug - that moment - this is why we were celebrating. That was why we were marching. It was just too exciting of a moment, too historical of a moment, that we had to share it with others. We live in the perfect town for that moment, and just gave me a level of civic pride - hell, national pride - that might never be topped.

Luckily, the parade route brought us full circle to our car. We had to come home, because Carrie had to wake up in less than 5 hours. As we drove south down State, we rolled down the windows and played Obama's acceptance speech at full blast. Then we watched it when we got home. Carrie knew she was going to be tired, but I don't think she cared at all. Still - I will always remember walking down Liberty with Carrie, and just looking at her and having her look at me, and wordlessly expressing to each other the awesomeness of the moment.