Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Wings, Wedding Rings

So, finally back to the blog. It has been a hectic month to say the least. In my mind, I have written hundreds of blog posts recounting every minute of the whole week of the wedding, to the point that it almost seems unnecessary. Everyone was great, everything was great, it was just the best time ever. It was one of the 5 biggest days of my life, and I knew that going in, but it was also one of the 5 best days of my life, and that was up in the air going in.

Tara, who cuts my hair and was at the wedding, warned me of a "let down" period immediately following the wedding. Since you have spent the last however many months planning this thing every single night almost, you suddenly don't have anything to occupy your time afterwards. Well, I am here to let you know, we are not there yet. I went back to work in a mad rush to hit my May quota, because I hate my job. Carrie went back to only 3 or 4 weeks left in the school year to do a whole bunch of grading, and now she is a little under the weather. So (un)luckily, things have remained too hectic for us to realize that we aren't the centers of attention anymore!

We are also having fun using everything left over from the wedding - you know, the gifts! We get to use our wine glasses for their intended grapes, we brought our appetizers to a Memorial Day party in the new bowls and plates that we got, we towel off with our new towels, we cook with our new kitchen gadgets, etc.

In addition to our jobs and our extravagant "foodie" routines, let's not forget the Red Wings. All night long I have been excited because tomorrow I get to watch the Wings. The level of hockey they are playing right now is among the highest I have seen in my lifetime. I wait for each game with the anticipation I usually reserve for new episodes of Lost. Once the Stanley Cup playoffs are over, all I have are the Pistons losing either this round or the next, and then the Tigers are done and the Cubs will eventually blow it.

However, now I have to stop procrastinating on all the things that I was putting off until after the wedding. Such as:
- Losing weight/exercising. I know you are probably thinking, isn't that something you needed to do before the wedding? Well, yeah, but the last 2 weeks have seen me put on roughly 48 pounds. The hectic schedules and honeymooning and our love of food and wine have resulted in a month long period since I counted Weight Watchers points on any single day. It is difficult now that I have no end date for any specific weight loss. Plus, I can't get my ring off, because all the weight is going to my fingers. I am going to get a dunlap if I don't start jogging my ass around the block.
- Updating my resume. Yeah, I don't necessarily want to quit my job, but this isn't my dream job or anything. Why not see what else is out there for a guy with a graduate degree in the liberal arts and 5 years of inside sales experience?
- Cleaning the house. And by cleaning, I mean a spring clean type, large scale evacuation of clutter. Everything must go! Now that I have about 15 new towels, I can finally take the 1992 Summer Olympic towels to Goodwill. Plus, we need a place to put the China. Ugh.
- Finish paying off the debt from the wedding. And, well, the last 14 years of my adult life, including student loans. But whatever.
- Getting a down payment for a car. Then for another car. Then for a house.
- Convince at least one out of towner who came to the wedding that they need to move to Ann Arbor. Seriously - your town sucks, my town rules. Break your routines and come on down! Or, up. The winters aren't an excuse - would you rather have sub zero temps for 2 months, or 100 degree 100 percent humidity days for 2 months, peppered with the occasional tornado warning? You can go outside and play in a snowstorm, you can't play in hail and lightning.
- Finally, we are going to start hanging out with other people. Everyone who made the effort to come to the wedding is just a lifelong friend now, and we want to see you. If it weren't for everyone at the wedding just being awesome, the whole thing would not have gone as smoothly. We owe our biggest day as a couple to all of you, so from now on, expect to see a lot more of us!

As soon as we take care of all of that, we promise that we will start thinking about having kids.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally Four

Oh, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. I don't think anyone here will make it. Wait - Madonna made it in the Hall of Fame this year. You don't even have to play Rock and Roll anymore!

I didn't do the running commentary. I watched the first half with Connor, and it's hard to do that and type. He requires a lot of hands-on attention! We did all grouse during the intro about how Cleveland got the RnR Hall of Fame and not Memphis. We will never stop being bitter.

DC1 - Duran Duran? It's over. The competition is over. Give him the crown, winner of American Idol season whatever. Congrats - don't let Archuletta's dad kill you on the way out for winning over his son. Carrie thinks it was just okay. Randy agrees. Dude - Duran Duran! Immediately we are struck by how horrible the sound mix is. It's all voice and no music- what is the deal? That's so bush league, and not up to AI's usual standards. Weird. Fortunately he has a great voice, so it's not a huge distraction. He has only sung a song straight a couple of times- I'm not going to complain about it.

Syesha1 - I don't know this song. (Wait - this is the song that Lisa did during the Little Miss Springfield competition when she lost to Amber Dempsey. Homer sold his ticket for a ride on the Duff Blimp for that!) While Ryan is interviewing her, I start singing Proud Mary. Then guess what? So does Syesha! Chip is proud of me. She was great! I'm proud of how she has come on here at the end. Definitely top three. Hmmm...legs. I am a leg guy, and this might put her on my all time AI Top 5. (With McPhee, Scarnato, Kelly Clarkson, and Michael Johns.) Syesha - "I had fun." Simon - "Good. I didn't." Simowned.

Castro1 - He is doing a song by Bob Marley, because they both smoke pot! In case you didn't catch that. Also, it is my least favorite Bob Marley song. (I do love Marge's version of it on the Simpsons Spin-off Showcase. I would vote for Castro if he ended with, "so the next time you see the sheriff, SHOOT HIM!...a smile!!") Randy is right - that was brutal. Carrie - "I really liked that." How is she marrying me? Am I her type at all? Simon totally rips him. Castro- Summed up thusly- Simon: What were you thinking? Castro: Marley, man!

DA1 - Whatever he sings, I'll bet it's gonna be non-offensive. I want to pretend I am his dad here: "He'd better not fuck up this time or I am gonna beat him so hard with my belt. Beat him in a way that no one can see the bruises." Yeah, I want to save this kid like I want to save Katie Holmes. Wow - he threw in a reference to that POS song about the beautiful girls! Way to be relevant there big guy! Simon is STILL dogging Castro. I know I am overusing this phrase, but his arrangements are always just a touch Up With People-y. He is really a fantastic singer. I just don't enjoy hearing him sing. It's a paradox!

DC2 - Sings CSI:NY for his second song. Dedicates it to Castro. Because he is wasted - get it?! Awesome. I really love his mouth. The shape of his lips and his teeth are just really superior.

Syesha2 - Before she sings, Ryan shows off Rascal Flatts, a band or person that I only know of because of the Carrie Underwood season. And, oh wow. She's hot. I don't know about you, but my peenie just went "Huh"? I thought that was great, and I'm glad she showed that much emotion. And that she learned about being black!

Castro2 - Mr. Tambourine Man. This song means a lot to me, and I think it's a perfect song for Jason, but he just didn't connect to it. And he forgot the words. Forgets the words - I think Connor knows the words to this song. I think it's safe to say that Connor's version blows this one out of the water. (Send me an email- I'll send you the video!) He sings it better than the first one, but he should still leave.

Archie2 - Singing Elvis? Trying to curry favor with me. It is like taking a song by the one guy in history I would love to hang out with the most, and having it sung by the guy who I want to hang out with the least. Crusher- OK, that was probably his best performance. Even though it's kind of a weird phrase, Randy was right that his voice caressed every word and he just really connected to the song. That's what Castro is always and forever missing. If he wins, he wins. I won't buy his album no matter where he finishes, so it's kind of a cow's opinion at this point.

Overall, Cook, Archie, Syesha, Castro.

OMG- Next week I'll be in A2 for the finale! I hope the bachelorette party is centered around watching it! I also hope Jason Castro is not involved in any way!
Chockley out!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stuff white people like at the wedding

This weekend, Carrie and I came to the realization that we are going to have a lot of things from this blog at the wedding, to the point where it is disconcerting. Here is a rundown.

1. Coffee - end of the wedding, we made sure that there would be coffee for people.
2. Religions that their parents don't belong to - well, the wedding won't really be the same denomination as our parents, per se...
5. Farmers Markets - literally, the Farmers Market will be the day of the wedding at the site of the wedding, but will be over by the time we get started
6. Organic Food - I am pretty sure that most of the ingredients of your food will be organic.
7. Diversity - this means in terms of food. We have a very varied menu.
8. Barack Obama - I will throw out that 80% of guests will be supporters.
11. Asian girls - but sadly, not the Asian guy that I really want to be there.
14. Having Black Friends - You will love Renae and Jason.
16. "Gifted" children - 100% of the kids who will be there are gifted!
20. Being an expert on YOUR culture - just read the post, and watch out for it when it happens.
24. Wine
25. David Sedaris - OK, he won't be at the wedding, but he will be at Borders downtown in June. Chuck Palahniuk will be there on the 20th, and we are going. This one didn't really count, I am just bragging.
32. Vegan/Vegetarianism - we will have several vegan/vegetarian friends at the wedding, but have no fear, there will be several vegetarian dishes. Plus, the rice pilaf stuffed tomatoes will have no chicken broth used, we checked. :)
33. Marijuana - Um, hi Mom - one of the guys at the wedding sells pot. See if you can guess which one! It's not me, btw.
34. Architecture - The buildings in Kerrytown really are awesome, especially the one where the reception is!
36. Breakfast places - On Sunday, we are trying to arrange a place to have a brunch/breakfast, but we haven't decided yet. We will let you all know beforehand.
40. Apple products - an iPod will be used for the music.
41. Indie Music - will be coming out of said iPod.
42. Sushi - one of the guys at the wedding sells sushi for a living. See if you can guess which one!
45. Asian Fusion Food - kinda the same as #7
48. Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops - there is a good chance that some of the food will be from either Whole Foods or the Co-op in Kerrytown.
49. Vintage - We are guessing that one couple specifically will come wearing something vintage.
54. Kitchen Gadgets - the reception is literally in a kitchen gadget store.
56. Lawyers - one might even usher you to your seat at the ceremony.
60. Toyota Prius - some of our guests will be driving their Prius to the wedding. Plus, it is Ann Arbor - there is a strong possibility that you will park next to one.
63. Expensive sandwiches - Less than a block away from the reception.
76. Bottles of water
78. Multilingual Children
81. Graduate School - Basically the reason everyone is coming to Ann Arbor for the wedding is because of graduate school.
88. Having Gay Friends
93. Music Piracy - basically most the indie music you will hear on the iPod.

There are several maybes, like scarves and bad memories of high school, but I can't make promises that I won't be able to deliver.