Thursday, February 5, 2009

...and men

I came across an interesting job posting in my search today:

Here is the part which made me do a double take:
"We strongly encourage the following groups to apply: people of color, individuals who possess an in-depth understanding of poverty or economic hardship, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and men."

In summation, the "groups" of people who are strongly encouraged to apply:
- people of color
- people who are or who have been poor
- homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders
- men

To which I was thinking,!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Conversation With A Student

Teacher: Hey guys settle down. Sit on the couch and wait for your parents to get here, so you can go home for the day.

Student: Hey, teacher check this out.

Boys go to Mars to get more smart.
Girls go to Jupiter to get more
(Teacher interrupts)

Teacher: I wouldn't finish that if I were you. Both of your teachers are girls-ya know.

Student: Oh it's not what you think.

Teacher: Uh huh.

The kid starts talking to another kid for a couple of minutes. Then looks back up at the teacher.

Student: Hey, what planet rhymes with candy bar?

Teacher: (looking puzzled and trying not to giggle) Uhhhhh, well there really isn't one. Mars is a type of candy bar though.

Student: (thinking really hard) No, there's definitely one that rhymes with candy bar.

Teacher: (trying to hold back a smile and a laugh) If you say so.

The student starts talking to another student about Pokemon or something for a minute or so.

Student: Oh, my sister taught me this one. (He has two older sisters. One is a tween-and one is a teenager.)

Boys go to Mars to get more smart.
Girls go to Venus to get more ....

(The teacher's eyes get really big. She is freaking out.)

What was it again? Oh yeah..

Boys go to Mars to get more smart.
Girls go to Venus to get more candy bars.

Teacher: (looking puzzled and relieved) Umm, that's a good one.

Student: I know.