Saturday, June 21, 2008

30 Fun Facts about Carrie

1. Carrie turns 30 today. We have been dating since she was 21. That is a full 30% of her life. Scary.
2. Carrie's favorite birthday with me was when she turned 25 in 2003. I set up a tent in the living room of our apartment, we drank an awesome bottle of Brunello that she will say is maybe her favorite wine ever, I made lamb that was the best lamb I have ever made, and when we sat outside that night, it was 32 degrees, which was crazy since it was the summer solstice.
3. Carrie is completely unable to fold a pizza box.
4. She usually gets the lyrics wrong to every song she tries to sing. Sometimes the lyrics are the song's title and she messes up.
5. Sometimes when a song is on, Carrie will listen and not sing, but then randomly start singing midway through the song. Without fail, the first words she tries to sing on the song are wrong.
6. Sometimes, on special holidays, Carrie will not buy me a card but instead will make me one. I keep them all and they mean much more than Hallmark cards to me, even if she is ridiculously goofy when making them.
7. Carrie is better at being a teacher than I will ever be at anything I do.
8. Sometimes, either when she is really thirsty or really hungover, Carrie just wants a Coca Cola Classic. None of this Coke Zero crap.
9. I have received some awesome gifts from this girl in my lifetime, including a telescope and a bottle of 1976 Chateau d'Yquem, but I will always think that the best gift was the DVD of Run Lola Run she got me. We hadn't even been dating a week, and I couldn't find it anywhere, but already in less than a week she found it and bought it for me for Christmas. It was awesome - I still watch it.
10. Carrie and I both hate olives more than any other food. Carrie also hates salmon and other fishy fish, and celery.
11. Carrie is one of those people who would prefer her desserts to have some sort of fruit in them, as opposed to me who just wants some combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and oreos.
12. Carrie loves wine, in case you didn't know. I am studying a lot about wines, but she always seems to know even the most obscure things that I found out and try to share with her.
13. Normally, everyone loves Carrie. This is good, because I tend to be an ass if I can, but I have still yet to find out that someone from the group of people we hung out with hates Carrie or even remotely dislikes her or anything.
14. Has a surprising knowledge of art and art history. I am amazed when we go to museums and she just says some thing about the paintings that I had no idea.
15. She has 2 different laughs. One is when something is genuinely amusing, which is what I always get for my jokes, and the other which is this cackle thing she gets when something is the funniest thing she will hear in weeks. I know I have really said something funny when I get the second laugh.
16. Carrie has never had a pair of sunglasses that have lasted for more than 6 months. They either break or get lost. It is uncanny.
17. Carrie was a smoker when we first started dating, but now the prospects of smoking make her physically ill. I am happy for this change - I want her to live a long life.
18. She can clean the entire apartment in less than 2 hours, no matter how dirty. It amazes me.
19. She actually drives faster than I do, because I am old.
20. Gets more traffic tickets than I do.
21. Only has two types of clothes - nice outfits and then stuff for lounging around the house. Most of the lounging clothes belonged to me at one point.
22. In many ways, Carrie and my mom are alike.
23. She still hasn't finished Harry Potter 7.
24. Has never watched the Star Wars movies from start to finish either.
25. Likes Steely Dan. This actually causes more fights than anything else.
26. Still occasionally places The Cosby Show and Roseanne on the TiVo list.
27. Enjoys watching sports in person more than on TV.
28. Shares many of the same flaws as I do, which is cute and annoying at the same time.
29. Carrie is my rock - she remembers the things I forget, keeps me in check, inspires me, loves me, and is my other half. I am incomplete without her.
30. Carrie probably has figured it out, but she is eating dinner at the Earle Uptown tonight. 8:00!


Stephanie said...

That is so sweet! Carrie truly is a special person. I hope she has a great dinner tonight!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Carrie. Congrats again to you both. I had the missed flight of a life time experience with you and am so glad we got to hang out.

Would love to return the favor next time you are in Memphis. Well not the missed flight, but the great food, fabulous wine and Journey. You cant go wrong when Journey is involved.

Shannon said...

oooh shannon--i had such a wonderful birthday. thanks for a memorable 30th. i love you bunches-and you're kind of a sweet guy-who knew.


Anonymous said...

good thing you can make a list of 31 things for her next birthday. you forgot to mention that she has the coolest best friend ever. oops. i forgive you.