Monday, October 19, 2009

Ultrasound Part 2

Here is the newest batch of photos. The first one is remarkably clear, and the third one kind of looks like a goldfish, but that is the heartbeat in that photo. There is a fourth pic that got cut off, but it is blurry and looks like a teddy bear.

We have both been sick recently, but we have been monitoring the situation in case Carrie gets a fever. Carrie recently gave in to her craving and got some Taco Bell, which didn't stay down long. So we probably won't be making any more runs for the border any time soon. (Thank God! That stuff is just Alpo anyway.)

12 weeks today!


Stanfill said...

Happy 12 weeks "little bit"!

Stephanie said...

I just now figured out the goldfish thing, and I've been staring at that picture for more than a week!

Unknown said...

So exciting!

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture. So excited!!!