Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, I had to shave off my beard for my new job this week. I am sad to see it go - I actually assumed I would just have it for the duration, until it went gray and I ended up looking like a douche James Brolin. Better yet, an asshole Kris Kristofferson. I started the beard around the same time as the Ron Artest Melee - I have really had it that long.

I knew I would have to have some fun when shaving it off, so here is the debacle in pictures:

I didn't trim the beard for about a month or so beforehand, because this was the last hurrah! I wanted to see how long it could get, see if I would qualify to be a member of the Fleet Foxes or anything.

Here was the first trim - mutton chops and a goatee. Not too drastically different, but a little tool-like.

Here is what I would look like with just a goatee. Not too bad, but nothing special.

Es muy bueno. Fantastic stuff. I had this for a while before I decided to get rid of it. Just an A+ though. I don't know how anyone took me seriously. (Yes, I did cut my neck shaving!)

Thank you to the Sanchezes for the hot water and the sink. Sorry I did this though.

The final product. I went from a 33 year old hippie to a 20-something corporate tool in just a few hours. I will be getting carded a whole lot more now.

I miss the beard.


Here is an update on Carrie - she really has gotten a little bigger since the holidays:

I am ready for work tomorrow!

Please note how we need a new camera.
One more random photo here - taken the day we found out that we were having a Maisy and not a Stephen:

Note the awesome beard. Man I miss that thing!


Stanfill said...

you look beautiful shan shan! love you bunches!

Stephanie said...

I like the mustache. Maybe someday you can grow that back.

Cullen said...

OMG, the mustache and the muy bueno comment have me crying at my desk. Can you please go work for Taco Bell so you can grow it back?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon, you look great!

Carrie, oh my! You are so pregnant and adorable!

Hillary said...

ummm im 100% sure you are allowed to have mustaches at LC...so get to growing that thing back buddy. and, we saved your clippings and glued them on jackson. he looks awesome