Saturday, January 5, 2008

Start: Memphis; End: Ann Arbor

Here is a brief rundown of what you will see on the drive from Memphis to A2, with active links!

- Take I-40 to Nashville
- 3 huge pretentious crosses
- Jackson, TN
- Pringles Park
- Tennessee River
- Cuba Landing (Jr.)
- The Chockleys' Exit (196)
- Take I-65 North to Louisville
- Before you leave Nashville, turn to your right to look at downtown
- You are now entering Kentucky (Speed limit is now 70!!)
- Bowling Green
- Corvette Museum
- Nothing really of note until Louisville
- the buildings of Louisville downtown are really close to the interstate - I don't know, it is just neat
- Take I-71 North to Cincinnati
- Really, only one thing of note (a street sign commemorate this - makes me think of this) until you turn onto 71/75 North about 20 miles before Cincy, the most exciting 20 miles of the trip
- Richwood exit, home of teh awesum
- Holy Mount Zion exit (I sing it every time)
- Florence Y'all
- Buttermilk Pk (Really - we just say it is the Buttermilk pancake exit)
- Downtown Cincy in all its glory (the view from the other side of the river at night really is awesome)
- Now entering Ohio. You immediately lose 20 IQ points. It is uncanny
- make sure you stay on I-75 north to Dayton
- The kick is up, and it's good.
- Needmore Rd. (makes us laugh - we are scared to drive on it)
- 75 to Toledo is about as boring as things are in this world. Plus, the speed limit is only 65, because Ohio is teh suck.
- US Plastics. Owned by none other than God.
- Turn onto 23 N to Ann Arbor - on your right is the Islamic center. You can't miss it.
- Drive past Maumee, which we pronounce like Jordan on Millennium.
- You drive past a bunch of streetlights on the way through Toledo.
- Now entering Michigan
- Exit 15 - Ida Petersburg. Not a person, but 2 different towns.
- Cabela's
- Get on 94 W towards Chicago, then get off on State Street. Welcome to town!

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